About Us

What is it about authentic feminine women that inspires boldness and beauty?

We know it’s the beauty within that inspires healthy skin and a bold uncompromising outlook on life! When a woman understands this, she knows the importance of representing herself in a way that is her own! It’s the enhancing of both the inside and the outside that brings real authenticity, after all, make-up is art butreal beauty is spiritual!  


At Epirroi Beauty our passion is to enhance your authenticity! We desire to help you nurture a healthy skin regime and give you the best signature look just for you! Our Authenticity lies in our relentless commitment to not compromise your authenticity in order to succumb to a trend or a fad.


We give each of our beauties a custom classic signature look from skincare regime all the way to your own makeup aesthetic. We do this by our:

  • Expert Analysis
  • Beauty Consultation
  • Client History & Education

All to customize the best signature look for you, OUR BEAUTIES! Maybe you’re looking for your own refined signature makeup look or maybe you want to learn a better skincare routine, Epirroi Beauty is here for you! For the everyday professional woman, the stay-at-home mom, or even the small business owner, if you desire a professional clean yet beautiful makeup look and a personalized fresh skincare regimen, we have just what you need!

Wherever you go and whatever you do, live the beauty within out loud and let this be your story, that “She left them better than she found them!”