Hello, Beauties!

 I am so excited that you are here and enjoying the Epirroi site! Before you get a chance to look at our services and our shop, I want you to get to know me a little better! In a world where lines are constantly blurred Epirroi Beauty was created as a place where the Legacy of Beauty & Grace lives on. I want Epirroi Beauty to always cultivate and nurture a woman’s femininity and work hard to preserve that feminine standard.  Seeking to Ensure every woman shows up irrevocably feminine and authentically beautiful!

The Journey.

My journey with beauty started like every other little brown girl, at home! I grew up in a household of beautiful women! My mother was very fair-skinned, and you might have even thought she had roots in the Pacific Islands! As a little brown girl growing up in an era where society placed so much emphasis on the color of your skin as a way of value, I suffered countless emotional turmoil. I was teased at school and made to feel like I didn't belong, not even to my own mother. Although my mom did all she could to affirm me and expressed great love and acceptance the exterior factors were still very present. Because of that, and unfortunately, like many others like me, I did not appreciate the color of my chocolate skin and the most prominent features of my nose and lips. I grew up hating my nose and was teased about how full my lips were! But that ALL had to change, and it did!

The Passion. The Purpose.

Through that experience and many more, I grew a passion to make sure another little girl would never experience not feeling seen or wanted because of their appearance, not in my presence! My life’s call is to leave every woman better than I found her! In over 25 years in the Esthetic and Beauty Industry, I've encountered many women who don't wear makeup nor see the importance of a good skin care regimen. Obtaining a Master Cosmetology License, it is a privilege to show women how they can enhance the beauty they already have! I receive common feedback like “I don't wear makeup because no one has ever showed me how to apply it and I just want to look like ME”. I want you to look like you too!  So, whether you’re taking your first steps or in the process of rediscovery, a part of my purpose is to help you walk confidently into your beauty journey! Rocking a signature look is powerful and every woman should seize the opportunity to experience walking in such confidence and boldness. and Epirroi Beauty wants it for You!!!


 Your Epirroi Beauty

I would love to speak at your next event! Whether it be for self-care, beauty, or empowerment, I’m ready to encourage you to walk in your authentic beauty! For more details about booking please click below!